“A flicker of beauty captured forever”:    Natural / Literal / Abstract / Impressionistic

Grace O’Malley

At age seven, my parents gave me a Kodak Brownie and a Polaroid Land camera, declaring me to be the family chronicler. Over the decades I’ve filled countless boxes and hard drives with my photographic images. It’s been a journey from those first cameras to manual 35 mm film Canons, compact digital cameras, various Apple cameras, and full-frame Nikon DSLRs.

I am grateful to National Geographic photographers Sisse Brimberg and Kike Calvo for their inspiration. After seeing my work on separate travel expeditions, each encouraged me to upgrade my equipment and to exhibit my work. Since 2015, my images have been shown and sold globally.

My specialties are portraits of nature and portraits of people. I seek to build relationships with the people I encounter, and strive for my images to unveil the humanity in their faces, hands and souls. Nature, too, offers a million forms of beauty in its textures, patterns and details. I also like presenting life from unique perspectives by zooming in on an abstract subject, by adjusting the camera for special exposures, or by intentionally moving the camera to create painterly art forms.

Photo by Gretchen Butler